VENTUM …un’apertura d’ali
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GB Music and the City of Florence present the exhibition-event, Ventum...un'apertura d'ali
A tribute to Giancarlo Bigazzi.
Inauguration invitation, Saturday, March 21 17:00 - Forte Belvedere in Florence.

An exhibition featuring video installations, sculptures and paintings by the artist Massimo Innocenti, enriched by a soundtrack conceived and written by Giancarlo Bigazzi, rearranged for the occasion by his son Giovanni, with the collaboration of Emiliano Garofoli.
An event strongly wanted by his wife Gianna. Many friends and colleagues are invited to attend the performances of Massimo Tagliata, Marco Falagiani and many other artists, to homage the career and the history of Giancarlo Bigazzi.
The exhibition event will be displaced between the ground floor of the building and the first floor where Massimo Innocenti's work will be installed.

Program of the evening of March 21

Part one

Massimo Tagliata, with a string quartet, will play lyrics and music of Giancarlo Bigazzi.
Original arrangements by Stefano Barzan.
Actors Amerigo Fontani and Alessandra Bedino
Dancers Andrea Vighi and Chiara Benati
Artistic Coordination by Franco Fasano.

Part two

Marco Paoli will act texts by Massimo Innocenti, with music performed by the composer and author Marco Falagiani.
Presentation of the book of poems, "Ventum...fino a quando" written by Massimo Innocenti and dedicated to Giancarlo Bigazzi with the introduction of Giandomenico Semeraro, the critics Angela Sanna, Angelo Minisci and the poet Aldo Nove.

Works by Massimo Innocenti
Original musci  Giancarlo Bigazzi
Arrangements by Giovanni Bigazzi and Massimiliano Garofoli

The exhibition will be open from March 22 to April 6, from 14,30 to 18,30