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On May 10th was held the third evening, after the successe of the event with Fausto Leali and the tribute to Mina, all organized - with free admission - by Franca Dini with the patronage of the Municipality of Pietrasanta and the Versiliana Foundation.

Leading artists took to the stage to commemorate the unforgettable Mimì, one of the most beautiful and expressive female voices of Italian music. "Forgotten and by someone even disowned - as Franca Dini recalls - creating painful situations for which Mia was forced at the time to retire from the show for a very long time." A myth renewed by Luca Barbarossa's recent Rai fiction "Io sono Mia" with the amazing performance by Serena Rossi.

On stage Dario Baldan Bembo, excellent pianist and keyboardist, composer of numerous successes, such as "Piccolo Uomo - Donna sola", "Minuetto" with Franco Califano, and "Che vuoi che sia se ti ho aspettato tanto". Fiordaliso, friend and great admirer of Mimì. Marco Falagiani composer, arranger, who in 1992 wrote together with Giancarlo Bigazzi "Gli uomini non cambiano", second at the Sanremo festival. Also present was the singer-songwriter Maurizio Lauzi, son of Bruno Lauzi, who will play "Almeno tu nell'universo".

Finally Gianna Bigazzi - historic friend of Mimi - wife of the great Florentine master, who told unpublished episodes and anecdotes lived together with the singer, her great friend of the heart. The conduct of Dario Salvatori, the artistic direction of Franco Fasano.