"Col Bene che ti Voglio"

Has been very successful evening dedicated to Giancarlo Bigazzi held July 15 at the Cafe de La Versiliana. There were anecdotes, emotions, actions of friends and colleagues of the teacher masterfully orchestrated by journalist Marino Bartoletti. The evening, strongly supported by his wife Gianna and his son John, organized by Franca Dini and Rosaria Panatta, welcomed nearly fifteen hundred people, come from all over Italy to remember the long and fruitful artistic career of Giancarlo. In the parterre were Riccardo Del Turkish, Mara Maionchi, Alberto Salerno, Alfredo Cerruti, Franco Zanetti, Luciano Tallarini, Roberto Bastianoni, Mario Limongelli, Carla Rinaldi, Fabrizio Federighi and Adriano Panatta, who came to pay tribute to the work of the master Bigazzi. Under the artistic direction of Franco Fasano not miss live performances of the successes of Giancarlo thanks to guests who, with us, they decided to remember his work and his passion. Among these, Marco Masini, Mario Lavezzi, Oscar Prudente, Aleandro Baldi, Eliza G, Sirius Martelli, Marco Falagiani and, surprisingly, an emotional Andrea Bocelli, who was sitting in the audience, it also recalled the friendship that binds him from time to Gianna.

An event, then, memorable for excellence and pathos; a major project that involved, in addition to the family Bigazzi and the great artists mentioned above, the young staff of GB music. Thanks for directing staff Mauro Maggi, Stefano Lamberini for service, for the videographic Federica Lorenzi and Claudio D'Avascio.

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