Francesca Alotta

Giancarlo Bigazzi. Today it is 11 years since you left us. You wrote the most beautiful songs of the Italian panorama, songs that have often been successful all over the world, such as our NONAMARMI, GLORIA, SELF CONTROL, TI AMO, SI PUÒ DARE DI PIÙ, etc.
By Massimo Ranieri, Marcella Bella, Gianni Bella, Renato Zero, Raf, Umberto Tozzi, Marco Masini, Mia Martini, me and Aleandro Baldi, etc.
Oscar for the soundtrack of the film MEDITERRANEO.
As Ciro Castaldo, journalist with whom we are writing, defines it:
'The true story of Mimì', in his book dedicated to Giancarlo Bigazzi: 'The craftsman of song', because he used to sew your song onto you. He worked for six months with Marco Falagiani, on a cue from Aleandro Baldi, to write our #NON AMARMI, a song that went round the world in Italian, which people still sing today, even kids who were not yet born in '92.
He was a genius, very nice, very shy. As soon as he won, he immediately thought of the next project.
I thank Gianna and Giovanni Bigazzi so much for their affection and friendship, and I am close to you on this very difficult day, when Giancarlo has left us! You are always with us... Unforgettable!