Giancarlo said: “We consider ourselves craftsmen of music, and craftsmen are the ones who intuit what may happen tomorrow…” Giancarlo never wanted to impart “lessons” or write a handbook on “how to make a song”. Nor did he ever want to stand in front of an audience and publicise his working method. He did however transmit true sensations, communicating directly and intimately with those working alongside him in the creation of a tune or some lyrics.
Giancarlo was a “man of substance”, not of “ephemeral appearances”. He always preferred the search for harmony between note and word and for the artist who would best express this, rather than upstaging himself.
For GB MUSIC, music is above all passion, a basic need, regardless of the means and facilities used to achieve it. The composer’s and the sound technician’s artistic motivation is an absolute priority; then we need the skill in making a master recording and choosing the right collaborators for the specific project.
GB Music concentrates on the contents and the quality of the product, on the people and their passion for their work, on showcasing the artist and the musical content. We also bear in mind the communicative image we wish to transmit, choosing the most suitable advertising tools for publicising a song.
We try to voice our ideas through audio or video with a healthy optimism and passion, avoiding sterile egocentrisms and identifying the most suitable collaborators for a project, aware of their virtues and limitations. Always aiming to stay on the crest of the research wave.