From your Squire

Death warns who stops smiling, creating, giving the imagination all the space she wants. In doing so, it will be easier for us to succeed in telling and telling each other.
Death is deafness. It is the refusal of the soul to feel and therefore to rejoice. It is that barrier that we raise between ourselves and others. This is to die.
Giancarlo is pure talent. A free and blatantly present existence. The truth we can say that almost nobody benefits. Therefore we resort to masks and make silences disguised as smiles and algid gestures.
May you be blessed Giancarlo wherever you are now. Now that we have to regret for the lack of autonomy that remains to us. You flew. You have taught it to so many ... Even your cunning has arrived slyly to pass your outrageously real, bitter and infallible messages. You can love the "Giant". You can be near him. Stroke it. Share it. But without flattering him: he would hate you!
Let's say goodbye and thank him every morning, as long as it is given, because it is now almost impossible to meet a Bigazzi like that!

... From your squire ZERO ...