A memory of Giancarlo

Last night, as I watched the Festival, I was inspired to mind Giancarlo Bigazzi, and all the big hits that he wrote and that Sanremo has consecrated. I will confess that I have always felt a healthy envy for Giancarlo, for his ability to create songs with a genius that I always seem little recognized.

I remember Giancarlo sounded, evil, the piano, but he always managed to create melodies from fear, yes, you read right, a lot of songs written by him bear his signature for the melody part.

As a songwriter, then, is out of the question, a number one overall. Anyway, I'm here to tell you a story that I was told in turn, excuse the pun, by Gianna Bigazzi, the wife of Giancarlo.
We were at the Fort last year, and she came to visit the Baths, and of course we got to talking about the toscanaccio Doc. Let's talk about this and that and at some point Gianna comes up with the story of how she was born, "Ti amo".

Giancarlo rarely went out, even just hated to go anywhere, it was not a mundane, but Gianna manages to pull it out of the house to take a night at the theater to see "La Gatta Cenerentola" by Roberto De Simone, who was a great success throughout Italy.

So very reluctantly Giancarlo goes to see this play and is thunderstruck by the scene of the "Dance of the Washerwomen", which by the way is one of the nicest things about this musical. They come home in the rain and Giancarlo, again with the coat on, it should be in the salon where she has a grand piano.
Gianna reminds him that it's late and you should go to bed, but he did not want to know, on the piano begins to pound his finger playing, in his own way, just the rhythm of the "Dance of the Washerwomen" ... "... tum tum tum ... ... tu tu tutu tum tum

Gianna resigned to go to sleep and when he wakes up at eight in the morning, down in the living room and enters a sea of fog, for cigarettes smoked by Giancarlo during the night, even with the coat on, singing words thrown there ... always on rhythm of the night before ... "Ti...a-mo Ti...a-mo...".

Now, you understand the genius of this man? From a musical, a thousand miles away from his tastes, he has managed to capture the essence that interested him and turn it into a pop song which then has gone around the world. That's who was Giancarlo Bigazzi.
Hello Giancarlo, remember last night was much nicer than Festival.

Alberto Salerno