Bigazzi, words for eternity

I know that Giancarlo would be upset by this idea to remember. I know because he was shy and did not like to stand in the window. But today, three years after his death, the one who left has changed a way of life. "Thus spoke Gianna Albini Bigazzi, sweet wife of one of the few true masters of Italian song, to present "Ventum un'apertura d'ali ", an exhibition dedicated to the composer, record producer and lyricist of Squallor component, which was one of the best known writers and lyricists of the song.

From Saturday, March 22 to April 6 Bigazzi will return to Florence, in the Palazzina Forte Belvedere. Six days for an exhibition dedicated to the author and record producer Tuscan unveil for the first time a Giancarlo Bigazzi intimate and sensitive to the strength and beauty of nature through the paintings of his friend, Massimo Innocenti creator with his son John and his wife Gianna Bigazzi of this' event-free. Aleandro Baldi, Alberto Veronesi, Paolo Ruffini, Franco Fasano and many others will be involved in meetings and presentation of unpublished literary and musical. The entrance will be free. "Ventum - An opening of wings is a hymn to love and life that wants to continue - explains Gianna Bigazzi - even through this artistic project that I shared with our son. The exhibition will tell through a beautiful collage audiovisual his fantastic career, long forty years that allowed my husband to leave an extraordinary musical heritage with well over 1,300 texts and 32 participations in Sanremo. "

We have been singing all his successes: songs like Eternità, Rose Rosse, Montagne verdi, Lisa dagli occhi blu, Ti amo, Gloria, Si può dare di più, Gente di mare, Gli altri siamo noi, Self Control, Gli uomini , T'innamorerai, Luglio. "If you remember not to forget the wounds of disappointment or doubts - says Gianna - live is that marvelous to learn that, until the end, can keep us human. It can open the gates that separate one person from another and make it so painful steps. "