The analysis of producer Dado Parisini and Maestro Marco Falagiani

Marcello Lazzerini

There is no dealer or retailer of discs not lament a significant decline in sales of CDs,
yet their shop windows are full of new and old albums, even vinyl. "What do you want, this is the
our job to which we dedicate ourselves with passion for years and the ways to overcome this situation
certainly not depend on us, for what we can do we do it, inventing new proposals,
I would not say that its new, such as recirculating album antique, vintage although
old is not so much to satisfy every customer's request that we follow for years and which
know tastes and habits ... .. "is the answer to one of the best known retailers of Florence, near the
Station of Santa Maria Novella. But young people are buying? "Yes and no, few are loyal and album
prefer to download your favorite songs from sites ...... ". The words of the owner of the shop are stringently
reflected in those of some protagonists of Italian music system.
"The situation is catastrophic, at a guess I think that the drop in album sales by years
Two thousand today may be around 80 percent ... Who could do something he did not, and today
we suffer the consequences of inaction. " To put the finger on the problem is one of the best known musicians,
Italian composers and producers of international fame: Dado Parisini. Fiorentino, he also grew
artistically in the 80s in the 'shop' Renaissance linked to the name of Giancarlo Bigazzi, then
He took his way flying on distant skies. And 'he who discovered, produced and brought to success
newcomer Laura Pausini, to obtain prestigious international awards (twenty million
records sold) including a Grammy and five Latin Grammy Awards. Their relationship lasted until three years ago.
But besides the Pausini, Dado, it produced singers of great success as Masini,
Tozzi, Raf, has discovered and launched the Sanremo Festival Depeche Mode and Irene Grandi. He has worked in
soundtracks ("Mary per sempre," "Tutta colpa del paradiso") and the production of young talent among
which Alessandra Amoroso, Emma and Marco Carta. For three years produces Nek.

Dado, what is the root cause of this crisis in the recording industry?

The causes are different and have to deal with the technological development and the evolution of the network, in
especially since the mp3 can be downloaded in 20 "a song ... this is perhaps unreleased illegally.

But you producers, authors, singers are not covered by copyright?

Yes, but while in America or France, the law punishes those who illegally download files with hefty fines, here
we are not protected and income from subscriptions for streaming are not adequately
distributed, there are few possibilities of control. And this decline in sales also leads to a
reduction of investment for the production ... Now over two years to produce the 10 to 20% of what you
He produced before. There is no longer the recording industry, economically speaking, and also from the point of
creatively. And that future will have young people who are dedicated to the music today? The musicians
underpaid, often they do not even have the money to pay the bills, and young people will go to play in
roads? And 'what we must ask.

On TV it tells of big sales, big successes, of gold records, platinum ...
This is not the truth. In fact they reward ... .contacts million, visibility had by a given interpreter
Web can not be translated in as many successful sales of the product. The whole system appears distorted and
crisis is tragic ...

But also the so-called Free Radio, who in past years have played a powerful role
promotional lost their function?

The relationship with record companies has turned over. While the broadcasters demanded houses
record the availability of authors, singers and songs, today few labels have positions
its monopoly media and radio broadcasting and other record companies are on their knees. It does not
pay rights ...

So if I understand, only the concerts, live performances can guarantee success, even in
economic system of popular music produced in Italy?

I am one of the elements of 'tight' system, but not about all or any of their young emerging. The
great concerts in stadiums concerns only a few big ....

But you can not 'make the system', to better protect our musical production, in
claim adequate laws?

The fact is that those who could give a boost thinks of himself and the road has become narrow.

Yet you have not lost hope because with a group of musician friends have decided to
Florence to create an international school of high quality ...

No, we can not resign ourselves fatalistically all'andazzo nor forsake us. We do not intend to give up.
Indeed, outof Music & School Productions Florence, which is just operating in Florence (Via Ghibellina
in the cultural center of the Walled), wants to be a non-trivial response to the economic crisis that
You invest the record: here I have invested time, energy and even resources. Faced with
behind closed doors that young people are part of the record companies that do not invest more, we want here
open new roads, paths of artistic excellence for young people and the most interesting projects
allowing them to study and engage with artists and technicians, teachers or as a passage,
international level. Ours is a unique school in Italy with renowned faculty and experience
International. Only quality can enable us to overcome this state of crisis. From a little time indeed
songs really beautiful there are not around and it is the quality that we intend to pursue, because the
Music will continue to exist.

Master Marco Falagiani is a musician composer and conductor who has, despite
the still young age, a long and intense career: 14 times on the podium of the Festival
Sanremo, to direct orchestras, singers and songs that also carry his signature, played by Tozzi,
Baldi, Dick Dick, Equipe 84, Mia Martini Anna Oxa, with whom he shared a long association
professional and recently Fabrizio Moro, which has brought success, as well as soundtracks including
that for the films of Marco Pantani ("E mi alzo sui pedali").

"The causes of the crisis in the music industry are many and varied. Of course the network has had its share
in 'accentuate the phenomenon, but it contains "bonus and malus," good is the fact that it has abolished
cd, transport costs, the speed of acquisition of the tracks, by contrast is difficult to control the
"Downloaded", for some time we are faced with a technological breakthrough that is changing ...
tastes, habits, attitudes and cultural instruments, resulting in an important change: the second
where music - all - is no longer the central point of reference that was in the past ... it is perceived instead
as an element of the substrate, passing through the audiovisual media, mobile phone,
playstation ... .before was considered to be the soundtrack of our lives, no longer, it is as I said, a
background. We the youth of the time we had reference points, Battisti, De André, and other songwriters
Authors of the highest quality. Then the suction of a young was to have a guitar, an organ
Hammond, a musical instrument on hand to give vent to their creativity, this is no longer so.
What emerges from the youth? ".

Yet, young people are offered continuously, a continuous stream in the various Talent Show that
also they seem to have a promotional function.

It 's true, but through Talent is the TV that exalts itself ... ..and the interpreter, the singer is functional
success of the TV show. Interpreters you put a banana on his head, a plaid jacket, it gives
important to look at how they should appear, move, gesture, but that's not what matters: you
points to aping in disguise. Renato Zero was so also in the life of every day, the
circus was himself, that of a great artist and a great personality ...'s the artistic quality of the
proposal that matters and that is often lacking today. Do you remember a young man who has won a Talent one, two
or three to four years ago? Or even a Sanremo? Do you remember a hit song that marks an epoch,
a period of our life as it was in years past?
I'll tell you a significant episode: recently in Calabria in a demonstration in memory of Mia Martini, was attending on a
hundred children singing, 70 knew only "old" and timeless songs,
Donaggio, Endrigo, Battisti ... .why? Because they are beautiful and they are beautiful people are hardly aware of ... What is certain is that
Today the rate of consumption, the inadequacy of our system of teaching music even in
Conservative, help fuel a mechanism that does not produce anything of lasting and there
It leads against a wall ...

And you now what do you do?

I continue to write music, songs, soundtracks ... .of music I can not do without. Hoping
provided that ... will.

At these bitter thoughts, stimuli for further consideration of these protagonists of our music
pop, I feel it is worth also the opinion of a young, Giovanni Bigazzi, artistic photographer
meeting at the Rifugio di Gualdo, some important art under Monte Morello, one overlooking Florence,
for the exhibition of his photos. John is not only a photographer but also a musician and composer
arranger, son of the famous Giancarlo, which carries the label GB Music. "Unfortunately the music
Today the drains bypassing resale, there are also online purchases, but not like before.
This is a bad general, an inexorable trend. Not that we have to stop making and
produce good music. Maybe retracing old streets, meeting to lovers of vinyl,
which I warn a return. The CD or disk must be able to be kept as a book to be taken. Not
as a disposable object. And the protection can not be made only on the sale. For example, I still
produce by focusing on quality convinced that music never dies. "