Gente di Mare

In the summer program of events for summer 2015, organized by the Municipality of Portoferraio stands out among the other a musical project created and hosted by Sergio Mascagni and Marco Falagiani. Named Giancarlo Bigazzi, the late author of many hit songs. The evening will take place on August 17 in Piazza Cavour beginning at 21:30. The "Geniaccio Fiorentino", so it was called the Master Bigazzi, for about 50 years has given unforgettable moments of songs and film scores. Giancarlo Bigazzi, will be told not only by the music, by the testimony of people who have been close to the most in his life and in his career. His wife, Gianna Bigazzi, a life companion who shared with him every moment full of stories and anecdotes. Giovanni Bigazzi, photographer, musician, son of Giancarlo, who with great dedication and competence is pursuing the wake indelible that the father left. Marco Falagiani, his friend and co-worker who has been by his side for almost 25 years writing with him many hit songs. Sergio Mascagni, musician, set designer, a family friend who with one eye, maybe more outside but no less sensitive, has known so much confidence the great Master. Valentina Galasso, musician, singer, songwriter, who has known Giancarlo only through the stories of those who lived but who is able to interpret with great transportation and unparalleled emotional songs of the maestro. The evening will take place involving 10 young singers reported by the music schools of the area, or that you will want to enroll themselves through the channels specified by the Regulation, (Attached to article) you will want to challenge themselves in interpreting the songs of Maestro Giancarlo Bigazzi. Participants will be chosen after a selection to be held in Portoferraio and will perform in Piazza Cavour on 17 August from 21.30. At the end of the evening there will be a mini concert held by Marco Falagiani with Sergio Mascagni and Valentina Galasso, during which, will run some of the most important songs written with Maestro Giancarlo Bigazzi..L'evento, the organizers explain, "it was created for the island of Elba, for his guests and uses people, a prestigious location, to enable young people to remember one of the great Italian and international pop music. " It should not be underestimated the cognitive value and cultural Event, infatti- sottolinena Falagiani "manifestation" Giancarlo Bigazzi Seafarers "aims to achieve three main objectives: To provide the opportunity for young local talent to perform live in a highly professional where, in addition to simple execution can also use hints and tips, useful to his musical training; Organize an event that would be engaging for the audience purely musical in appearance but also in the strictly cultural given the importance of the artist celebrated and testimonies of those who were close to him. "

The ranking of the evening called "Finale" will be determined by the sum of the votes of the various juries for each candidate. The technical jury will be joined by a jury selected by the TV Teleelba. It will publish the list of the top three, while others will be all classified in fourth place tied.
MORE INFORMATION Tel. 0565914006

For each finalist will receive a certificate of participation in the event.

1ST PLACE: Targa 1st place offered by the City of Portoferraio
Participation in a seminar individual 3 hours on the composition and writing of songs held by Maestro Marco Falagiani
Interview with Teleelba
2ND PLACE: Targa 2nd Prize offered by the City of Portoferraio
Recording of the song performed in the competition organized by Maestro Sergio Mascagni
Interview with Teleelba
3rd: Targa 3rd prize offered by the city of Portoferraio
Interview with Teleelba The town of Portoferraio Scoop Ltd. reserve the right to record and distribute audio and video of the evening. The finalists will be required to sign in advance the total release of image rights and other related rights.

Giancarlo Bigazzi "Gente di mare"

Sergio Mascagni and Marco Falagiani