HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIMÌ released today, September 20, the video of the song "Dedicato a Mia" by the young rapper Giorgio Gulì

"Happy Birthday Mimi, from your dear friend Gianna, who still remembers you with affection and nostalgia; I think of the wonderful woman and to 'unique and inimitable artist who has been and who you are, admiration and emotion that we all tried to hear you sing by giving your soul. For the love that you have given to the world during your troubled life, made of smiles and tears. For music, an eternal "Rhapsody", thank you. "

Are the poignant words that Gianna Bigazzi dedicated to Mia Martini, her friend and great artist, today Remembering the day of his birthday, despite the passage of twenty years after his tragic death.

A special bond, an estimate for the artist and for the woman, witnessed by the delivery of the Prize "Giancarlo Bigazzi" Gianna wanted to give the rapper Gulì George, author and performer of Dedicated to Mia, during the Premio Mia Martini 2014 , created by director Nino Romeo in 1995, in Bagnara, birthplace of Mimi.

Dedicato a Mia, who will be the official theme song of the musical event to be held in Bagnara October 15 to 17, it was presented for the first time May 3, 2015 at the 1st Festival named Mia Martini Buscoldo (MN ), from GB Music: George Gulì began collaborating with Giovanni Bigazzi, cultural worker, photographer and talent scout of the label.
Giovanni now carries on with great passion for music and the search quality text undertaken by his father Giancarlo.

The song "Dedicato a Mia", Giorgio Gulì says: "A song was born just for fun and for the sole desire to pay tribute to a great artist of Italian music on the occasion of my successful participation at the event that is celebrated every year in Bagnara ... "
Behind the notes and in the text we find the identification of the author with the experience of Mimi and, above all, the will to fight the slander of those who do not recognize the talent of the artists and they dishonor the work.
Author of the video is the director Claudio d'Avascio, collaborating with artists of great caliber, he specialized in music videos. Dedicated to Mia, already visible on social, will be from 5 October also on all the best radio and television circuits.

But how did the artistic collaboration between the team of Giancarlo Bigazzi and Mia Martini?

Mia Martini, in fact, is the pseudonym Domenica Rita Adriana Berté called Mimi, born in Bagnara Calabra, September 20, 1947, sister of Loredana Berte, with which it shares the day and month of birth. It is considered one of the most beautiful and important that has ever expressed the Italian music, interpreter intense and refined with a long artistic career began in 1963, just as Mimi Berté, with an LP of cover.

After a series of successes by Minuetto and E non finisce mica il cielo, the meeting with Maestro Giancarlo Bigazzi takes place in the winter of 1990, when Mimi decides to approach the "Florentine school" and moved for nearly a year in the Tuscan capital: from their meeting he was born an artistic, but also a great friendship with Giancarlo and his wife Gianna.
Gianna Bigazzi said that the team of Giancarlo adored her for the skill, the professionalism, but also for the extreme kindness and humanity.
His stay at home Bigazzi leads to the creation of Lp Tears in 1992, which revises the San Remo, where you will rank second, with the song Gli uomini non cambiano one of the best songs of his recording career. Always signed by Bigazzi, the same year, she presents at the Eurovision festival the song Rhapsody.

The friendship with the family Bigazzi not interrupted indeed seems to be intensifying in recent years: the estimate of Mimi to the Master port to think of a project for the recording of an LP entitled Le canto a modo mio, containing songs written by Giancarlo Bigazzi and reinterpreted by the singer.

Unfortunately, the 'sudden disappearance of the artist, May 12, 1995, left the CD only the memory of a project.