Rap in the name of Mia Martini

Florence, September 24, 2015 - It 'was published last Sunday, the video of the song "Dedicated to My" Giorgio Gulì, which was adopted as the official theme song of the Prize Mia Martini, the musical event to be held in Bagnara 15 to October 17, to pay homage to the great Mimi. The piece of Sicilian young rapper and his video where the director Claudio d'Avascio has woven images of the riversides of South Florence in cartoons, are delicious.

SIGN And somehow the first fruits of the collaboration between the talented, but also outspoken, songwriter born in Palermo in 1993 and Giovanni Bigazzi, cultural worker, photographer and talent scout of the label GB Music, which is pursuing with great passion research music and quality text which for years has been carried out successfully by the father Giancarlo, the soul of pop made in Florence, who died in 2012, that since the winter of 1990 he worked with Mimi when Martini decided to approach creatively to Florentine school of song. "Much credit for the success of this song are recognized Giovanni Bigazzi, who through his advice has given me the opportunity to broaden the vision of the song now fully expresses its potential - explains Giorgio Gulì -. The single will be released in early October, but we are working together for a while 'to new tracks for new songs, which deal with various topics, by nature, to love, to God, who seem to be born under a lucky star. "

The beginning of the story is in 2014 Casa San Remo?

"I was there because I had won the contest by Vince Tempera. I met one of the presenters of the award Mia Martini, who invited me to participate in that competition. And, talking a little 'and advising with Tempera, it occurred to me to dedicate a song to Mia. I studied the history of the Internet, listening to his songs, but also going to find lots of interviews and wrote down the text and music of what would become "Dedicato  Mia".

That immediately had an excellent response?

"I won the award for best author named Giancarlo Bigazzi, he was handed over by his son John, with whom I had familiarized few hours before, without knowing who he was. It was a double surprise to win the award, and find that I had received the attention of a major producer. "

Not bad for an emerging twenty-two?

"In fact it gave me a lot of energy, is also an incentive for the future. Especially now that the video came out. With director and Bigazzi we chose to pay homage Mia in this clip I sing and do a sort of commentary on a cartoon that tells his story, which mocks the slander of many envious. "

She lives with the rap tune?

"I try to combine melody and rap copyright, because basically hip hop is a genre listenable and enjoyable by all. My idea is to merge more musical genres to communicate to people as possible my creations. I like to broaden the topics, emotions, expand in different directions, such as text, but also like music. "

What does it sound?

"The piano. Especially to create songs. But even use the computer, try to create every aspect of the piece. Then of course there is the collaboration with Giovanni Bigazzi, who has a wonderful culture of listening, as his beautiful mother Gianna which he made me feel his affection and advised me properly on the present and future of my music. An extraordinary woman. "

by Giovanni Ballerini