On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Nino Manfredi, the Insani Logoritmi publishes
the unpublished video of "Non lasciare Roma", the last song interpreted by the Roman actor e
published in 2014 on the occasion of the exhibition “NINO! Homage to Nino Manfredi "set up in
Palazzo Braschi dedicated to him, ten years after his death.
The story of the song starts from afar: the idea, born around the mid-1950s, takes
formed in the 90s when its author, the legendary Mario Panzeri, met with Vaschetti and Grottoli.
Together with the latter, Franco Fasano in 1997 will complete it by entrusting the musician e
Roman arranger Claudio Zitti was commissioned to produce it. It is just Shut up to receive
an unexpected phone call the day after proposing it to him: "Hello, I know Nino Manfredi. I have
listened to the piece, when are we going to record it? ”. He recorded it with conviction to the point of giving the
also available to present it at the Sanremo Festival, out of competition. At the time, the whole
discography was not interested in it but in 2001, on the wave of enthusiasm that Alberto Sordi too
had demonstrated for that dedication to the capital, one even touches upon the hypothesis of a historian
duet of the two actors, always more friends than rivals. The thing, however, did not go through even for
Albertone's critical health conditions.
Finally in 2014, thanks to Erminia Manfredi and Gianna Bigazzi wife of the great author
Giancarlo, it was decided to publish "Non lasciare Roma" on all digital platforms sung by
Nino Manfredi.
Claudio Zitti, therefore, after more than fifteen years, manages to keep the promise made to
Nino. Once he verified that Manfredi's voice was still in perfect condition, he wrote them
around an arrangement "out of time" but, at the same time, could sound like a
true "evergreen".
There is no video testimony of Manfredi singing Non lasciare Roma. From an idea of
Maurizio Maggi and Salvatore Billeci, it was possible to collect the same in a video clip
great emotional participation of all the protagonists in a sort of "memory choreography"!
Nino's archive images mix with those taken and filmed during the
making the song, reviving some of the highlights of this incredible
production. With an orchestra made up of 70 musicians and a choir of voices, mainly Roman,
Nino Manfredi thus gives us one of his most hidden interpretations, forever, with that
his "friccico ner core" for his Rome, still today ... Wherever he is.