The 'eighties

It was 1982 and the young Raffaele Riefoli, stage name Raf, arrived at the Bigazzi home from London. With him, there was a return to the international scene with “Self Control”. Raf shot to the top of the Italian hit parade. After her success with “Gloria”, Laura Branigan decided to record “Self Control”,  and the song travelled all over the world.
For Raf, Giancarlo wrote other songs which left their mark on the Italian music world. “Cosa resterà degli anni 80” (“What will remain of the ‘eighties”), “Ti pretendo” and the success of “Si può dare di più”, sung by Tozzi/Morandi/Ruggeri, which won the 1987 Festival of Sanremo. This song was also cited during the Angelus of Pope John Paul II from the Vatican, with the Pope quoting the opening lines and the people in St. Peter’s Square singing the rest of them.
They were years of great creativity for Giancarlo Bigazzi, who wrote one success after another for many big names of the Italian song world. In 1982, Claudia Mori got Italian women singing the catchy “Non succederà più”, which is still popular today in the Italian clubs. With Adriano Celentano, Giancarlo wrote notable songs included in the 1982 album “Uh..Uh”: Conto su di te, , a poem dedicated to his son Gianni, “Jungla di città”, “Uh..Uh”, “Veronica”. In 1987 he also wrote some songs for the album “La pubblicità ottusa”.