A Maestro, a Kamikaze fighter

Giancarlo believed that a song developed from a few notes on the piano, which set off in your head the idea for the lyrics….but night-time is the favourite time for creating….sometimes it deceives you because everything seems more beautiful! Then when daylight comes, you listen to everything again….”It’s a load of shit”…and start all over again. Giancarlo was a kamikaze pilot of music. He worked on average 12 hours a day and if he hit on a good moment he forgot about food and sleep.
After so many hours of work he was quite capable of going to bed still whistling the tune, the various melodies he had in his head. For his collaborators, whether they were singers, authors, arrangers or whatever, it was very hard to keep up with him, even though they were all younger than him. But Giancarlo was a perfectionist, as demanding with himself as he was with others. He did not tolerate shoddiness or mediocrity.
A great profusion of songs up to the early ‘noughties. Then music stopped being the undisputed centre of his life. His need for oxygen however remained. He began his fight against a long illness…and despite his discomfort and diminished physical energy, he steadfastly continued making and listening to music, collaborating with emerging artists and setting up a precious, special creative dialogue with them.
On 19th Jan 2012, Giancarlo took a turn for the worse and died. With his music he created and donated emotions to whole generations, but his muse was always his life companion Gianna, who says: “His music flies high but it starts from me”.
Gianna Albini Bigazzi