Gianna Bigazzi

I can't remember a life without music.
Since I met Giancarlo my life has been full of notes, melodies and words.
When a talent is powerful, as Giancarlo was, you just can serve it, indulge it and enjoy it. This is how music entered my life or maybe my life reborn in music when I realized that art and its creative process never stop, cannot be contained, have an urgency that does not take into account almost nothing else. And so I put myself at the service of music and of those who created it. My homes became a crossroads of people and characters, artists and creatives and welcoming musicians and musicians has become a mission, more than a job. I dedicated myself with love to those who created poetry. The tables of lyricists, the dinners interrupted by fugues to the piano so as not to miss that refrain (because when it is the right one you cannot wait), all the guests, each with their own human baggage: this has been my life in music. A continuous experience, a colorful confusion of notes and stirred by stories to tell. I learned that feelings can be told, everyone. That if you put them in writing and then add the right music to them, millions of people will recognize themselves in that feeling, making that composition unforgettable. And in this regard, Vanoni who sings Musica Musica comes to mind….
I call it music but I have many more names in mind .... I would like to call it life!