Enrico Salvadori
Giancarlo Bigazzi

He wrote over 1300 songs, many of which have been translated
all over the world because planetary successes. One title above all:
"Gloria". One of Donald Trump's favorite songs and the
his people of American supporters and who also boasts a version in the Egyptian language. One of a hundred and ten. But Giancarlo
Bigazzi could not bear the fact that he was called maestro.
“I am a song craftsman” he loved to repeat, but with an exercise in exaggerated modesty. Because he has been and continues to
be a master even if ten years ago a cruel fate has it taken away. He was not yet seventy-two and still had
so many things to say in a world of song that owes him so much very much. First of all Sanremo which often forgets too quickly
ta who made it great and grinds protagonists and songs with rhythms far too exasperated. The Festival (and it was the least he could
to do) named after Giancarlo a special prize reserved for best composition.
Albeit prematurely interrupted, Bigazzi's life was intense, beautiful, lived. In some ways a movie. From its beginnings as
son of Renato, a police officer of the Florence police station, and Tina Giuntini, an elementary and piano teacher who
tries in vain to make him learn music theory but that undoubtedly he transfers his musical sensibility to his son.

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