On the wall of Alassio

Alassio in the early fifties was one of the capitals of international social life, from movies to music, the big names of international art used to meet at the famous Café Roma, run by local historian Family Berrino, real meeting point in which it was binding be home if you belonged to the jet set and was in vacaza Alassio or Riviera. Front of the Cafe Roma paraded dream cars, stars and starlets, writers, painters curious musicians.

But in front of the Cafe Roma he was also, as a barrier to the soil of the garden, an anonymous little wall, so bare to torment Mario Berrino, considering it unworthy of the beauty of the place and to the sensitivity of the guests. In 1953, by the encounter with Ernest Hemingway, a regular visitor of the coffee, the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčadorning the wall to make it less anonymous, took shape. Mario Berrino loved to show his guests an album with autographs of the most illustrious past as a local; over the years increased pages and dedications and autographs of goodies became so valuable that it was almost a shame to keep them hidden. That's why at the time of signature of Hemingway, the Berrino explained his idea. Bring back the signatures of colorful ceramic tiles and decorate these with the wall. The writer proved enthusiastic about the idea. So at dawn, clandestinely, the group of Mario Berrino ranks the top three tiles (made with the help of the potter Pacetti): Hemingway, Quartetto Cetra, Cosimo Ceglie. The next complaint. In the following days they were added, again as if nothing had happened, other tiles. Mayor Tower and the whole town had certainly thought that was just something brilliant, and it was better to pretend to ignore so as to interfere as little as possible. And so it was. Today on the wall you can count about 1000 tiles.

An imposing monument of art, culture and fashion as a huge album of autographs, over the years has been enriched by many names:
Michele Alboreto, Marisa Allasio, Jose Altafini, Angelillo, Maurizio Arena, Christian Barnard, Gino Bartali, Pippo and Isa Barzizza, Pippo Baudo, Loredana Berte, Roberto Bettega, Max Biaggi, Alfredo Binda, Mike Bongiorno, Fred Bongusto, Giampiero Boniperti, Liam Breìady, Giorgio Bubba, Edy Campagnoli, Loris Capirossi, Ivan Capelli, Nicholas Carosio, Renato Carosone, Adriano Celentano, Gino Cervi, Piero Chiara, Walter Chiari, Leo Chiosso, Jean Cocteau, Licia Colo, Febo Conti, Fausto Coppi, Corrado, Avier Cugat, Lucio Dalla, Carlo D'Contribution, Fabrizio De Andrè, Lorella De Luca, Vittorio De Sica, Adriano De Zan, Pedro Paulo Diniz, Anita Ekberg, Blanche Dubois, Aldo Fabrizi, Franco Fasano, Nunzio Filogamo, Lucio Flute, Dario Fo Giorgio Gaber, Beniamino Gigli, Gilberto Govi, Giovanni Guareschi, Grok, Thor Heyerdhal, Ezo Whittaker, Gorni Kramer, Gino Latilla, Carlo Levi, Duilio Loi, Erminio Macario, Paoletta Magoni, the National Football World Champion in 1982, Nino Manfredi, and many others.

From July 13 also Gianna Bigazzi and Marco Falagiani have added their signatures to one of the most important in Italy in the field of art and culture.